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TD Tech Ltd. (hereafter TD Tech) was founded in Beijing in 2005. The company has R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu and has more than 2000 employees, 47% of them master’s or doctor’s degree holders. It invests heavily in proprietary R&D and ecosystem cultivation where 20% of its annual revenue goes into such investment totaling 10 billion RMB per year.  

TD Tech has been devoted to the innovation of wireless communication technologies and products. Strong comprehensive capabilities to connect upstream and downstream sectors has made us a leader in the industry. The company has three business units: wireless products, IoT & 5G and terminal products. Our products and solutions used to dominate China Mobile's 3G and 4G commercial networks, commanding over 60% market share. Then the company embarked on its road to the private network business in 2011. 

We are proud to have launched Witen - the world’s first broadband multimedia trunking solution with TD-LTE technology. As of now, TD Tech’s wireless solutions for private users have been widely applied in mass transit, airports, shipyards, and smart power grids. 

In 2019, TD Tech took the lead to have released its 5G products to further empower its industrial users. With years of technical experience, strong talent pool and excellent operational system on its back, TD Tech is committed to becoming a global leader in private wireless solutions. 

TD Tech Vision & Mission

To Become
a Global Leader
Industry Wireless

TD Tech Core Values

Self-criticism as the ladder of our growth

The purpose of self-criticism is to make continuous progress and continuous improvement rather than self-denial. Only by insisting on self-criticism can we identify the faults, improve our works, and continue to exceed, and so can we respect others and cooperate with others, and to achieve the common development of customers, the Company, teams, and individuals.

Customer Orientation

The customers' success is our success; and the customers' development is what we develop for. To continuously innovate around the needs of our customers and provide valuable services is the only reason we exist!


We are always committed to satisfying internal and external customers by establishing a culture of quality among all the employees, focusing on preventive actions and continuous improvement, doing jobs right at first time and pursuing high quality and efficiency throughout the entire process.

Continuous Commitment

TD Tech is still a young company. In order to catch up with our competitors and become an outstanding company, we must establish a sense of crisis, make more efforts on every aspect, and exceed step by step constantly.

Open cooperation for sustainable development of TD Tech

It is our ultimate goal to break down the barriers between departments, strengthen sharing, and create an open, equal, and transparent cross-department collaboration.

Employees as our most valuable assets

We provide vast development opportunities for employees that are devoted to their dreams, proactive, good at teamwork, and skilled in their work, so that they can grow together with our company.

TD Tech Development History

  • 2020

    5G serial Industrial products release

  • 2019

    1st 5G Industrial product release

  • 2018

    Cumulative shipments of Customized Industry Terminals over 1 million

  • 2017

    Industry private network users reached 150,000

  • 2016

    Proprietary operating system release

  • 2014

    Annual income of company over $1 billion

  • 2012

    1st 4G Industry private network release

  • 2009

    Proprietary operating system TDOS research started

  • 2005

    1st 3G release commercialized from trial

  • 2001

    1st 3G call made

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